A Cappella Warm-Ups - for Pop and Jazz Choirs

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A Cappella Warm-Ups - for Pop and Jazz Choirs. over 39 creative exercises which do more than just warm up the voice: they help to relax the body, train the ear and develop an awareness of dynamics and rhythm. Two top authors, Deke Sharon and J.D. Frizzell, have provided a wide array of warm ups specifically designed for pop and jazz choirs but these warm ups will work well for contemporary a cappella groups of all sizes and styles. Every vocal ensemble has its strengths and weaknesses which vary from year to year. The warmups within can to help polish your weak spots and hone your strengths. Regardless of your group s strengths, this book is can help you address the full range of skills required for great musicmaking. Topics include: Rhythm, Syllables, Tone, Intervals, Dynamics, Intonation, Blend, Balance, Pitch, Improvisation, Solo Techniques, and Vocal Percussion


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Künstler: Sharon, Deke
Stil: Anderes