(4 & Klavier) was first released in an a cappella setting for 8-part mixed voices, and within months had sold over 30,000 copies. The following year it topped 50,000 and continued to climb. Today it remains a top seller and an industry standard. Veteran arranger Dick Bolks has masterfully revoiced and edited Mr. Halloran's setting into a solid SATB edition with optional accompaniment. Suddenly, one of the best chorals from the 20th century is available to smaller sized choirs & Halloran's integrity remains thoroughly intact. Thanks, Dick

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Halloran, Jack / Bolks, Dick


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Artikelnummer 12824
versandfertig sofort
Künstler / Arrangeur Halloran, Jack / Bolks, Dick
Besetzung Gospel
Instrumental / Vokal Vokal
Stil Spiritual