Count Bubba's revenge - inkl. CD


(Gordon Goodwin series) Revenge is very sweet! Gordon Goodwin is the hot writer of today's big band charts and this arrangement proves it. Count Bubba's Revenge features a shuffle swing that builds and builds. On top of that, it showcases all the sections by trading back and forth, playing a cappella, and so on. Solo space is provided for tenor, bari, trumpet, trombone, and piano or guitar. Gordon is masterful at creating a chart that exudes energy and excitement, and this one delivers. Standard instrumentation, no doubles

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Goodwin, Gordon

Count Bubba\'s revenge - inkl. CD

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Artikelnummer 3272
versandfertig in 3-5 Tagen
Künstler / Arrangeur Goodwin, Gordon
Besetzung Big Band
Instrumental / Vokal Instrumental
Stil Shuffle

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